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Buses to Nuwara Eliya

From Colombo (Capital city), there are two main routes to get to Nuwara-Eliya - via Kandy or via Hatton. Both roads are narrow, bumpy and windy but both have incredible views.

If you're coming by car or van, The Hatton road is preferable. The road itself is a bit better, it's less busy and the climb is not quite as steep. Plus, you get to see the spectacular view from the St.Clair's Tea Center in Talawakele.

The Kandy road is neat too - the switch-backs at Ramboda are quite the experience.

There are another two main paths joins the other parts of the island with Nuwara-Eliya. Badulla to Nuwara-Eliya through Welimada and Mahiyangana to Nuwara-Eliya through Wathumulla, Ragala

From Colombo, a rented van will cost Rs.6000.00-7000.00 and from Kandy Rs.3000.00-4000.00

Buses there and away

Most buses from Colombo go via Kandy. For a trip that long, go by Inter-city bus and the big yellow or red (government) buses which will land you at the Bus Stand, Nuwara-Eliya. There are no buses activated from Colombo to Nuwara-Eliya via Hatton. But it is possible for passengers to get the Hatton Intercity bus from Colombo which lands at Hatton and then get the Nuwara-Eliya Intercity bus from the Hatton bus stand.

An air-conditioned intercity bus from Colombo costs about Rs.350.00 and from Kandy about Rs.250.00. Other normal bus from Colombo costs Rs.270.00 and from Kandy costs Rs.150.00. (Most of the times the bus charges and other transport charges varies because of the changes of the cost of Petrol and Diesel in the Country)

Riding the Train

The train from Colombo goes through Kandy as well but actually takes longer than the bus. If you get car-sick though, it is preferable of train since it doesn't have to do all the winding along the bumpy roads. A second class ticket from Colombo is about Rs.225.00. The train does not go all the way to Nuwara-Eliya. You will have to get off at Nanu Oya station and catch a taxi (about Rs.200.00) or bus (Rs.25.00).

Getting around the Town

Nuwara-Eliya is a small town and everything is within walking distance. However, tuk-tuks are available near the post Office and Cargills Supermarket, Nuwara-Eliya. A ride anywhere within town should cost around Rs.70.00-100.00.

Entertaining Events

There are so many beautiful and scenic placed in Nuwara-Eliya city and around the city to have so many entertaining events such as;

Bird Watching
Sight Seeing Tours
Mountain Biking
Adventure Sports etc.


Nuwara-Eliya is very famous place for motor sports. There are two famous racing tracks; Radella, Mahagasthota. Other than Motor sports the Indoor stadium of Nuwara-Eliya offers a variety of sporting events such as; Badminton, Table tennis, Net ball, Basket Ball etc. The fully equipped Jim at Indoor stadium is also offers people so much on sports.


There are so many Hotels, Guest Houses and Restaurants available in Nuwara-Eliya at every level. Five star, 3 star and other hotels are available accordingly in High range (Rs.5000 and above), mid range (Rs.2200-4000) and Budget range (Rs.1000-2000).


There are several Banks available in Nuwara-Eliya city, representing both Private and Public sector offering the facilities on Travelers Cheques, Foreign Drafts, Foreign Currencies, A.T.M. facilities and VISA Master Cards.

Places to eat

There are so many hotels and restaurants, pastry shops are available in this city. Sri Lankan, Indian and Western food are available at your taste.


There are so many communication centers available in the city. Some of them have internet facilities.


You can do your shopping as you want at Nuwara-Eliya city. There are so many shops and super markets are available to your choice


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